Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"He stilled the storm to a murmur, and the waves of the sea were hushed. "
Psalm 107: 29    ~Selah~

I'm thrilled to be back at my computer again.  I just have to say that my awesome husband/caregiver/nurse/cook/housekeeper/shopper/and HUNK OF A HUSBAND has been so amazing!  I don't think he had any idea what he was in store for....but, he has handled it with such gentleness, confidence and skill! My 2 nurse daughter-in-laws would be so proud!  He truly has been a champ with everything, even when I'm not so 'pleasant' to be around.  He's so cute too.....he documents every pill, food I eat, how much fluid is draining (and he cleans both my drains too....yuck, I don't watch.) to give a report to the doctor.  He changes my dressing, serves me anything I need, lowered everything in the cabinets to my arms reach (since I can't raise my arms up yet) and tucks me in at night.  He always tells me I'm beautiful....even though I know that is not even possible at this time.  He's the best husband a gal could ask for..... I'm truly thankful for him. 

I'm humbled and overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support system that God has placed around us.  My entire family feels the peace and comfort that can only come from our Father.....He is apparent in people around relationships.  I understand more than ever that we were made to be relational.  We need people. My Church family is so special, I cannot even imagine my life without them.  I see Jesus in everyone of them...they truly are 'THE CHURCH' as it should be! God has introduced me to some new friends that I am so thankful for. His bringing our lives together is worth it all! I have re-connected with dear friends of whom I miss terribly, and I realize how important they truly are to me!  This whole thing has completely stopped me in my tracks and have slowed my life down tremendously.  I get the opportunity to just spend time with my Daddy and look for growth especially in areas where I need to let go and leave my cares and worries in His able hands.  I'm grateful for this time to reflect on HIS daily, detailed work in my life that I'm sure I might have otherwise missed.  I am reminded that HE is the God of abundance.  He will never run out of resources, His capacity to bless us is unlimited!  

My days are quiet and restful, I still wear out quick which implements long naps (the medication dictates that as well.)  I get out and walk a little with the corner and back.  We've gone out a couple of times for a quick 'get out of the house' drive for ice-cream.  I appreciate laughter more than ever, thanks to my office and Dr. Steen who put together a series of comedy gigs for me to listen to.  A dear friend recently told me that she is praying that laughter will come into my life in the next couple of days......I received with a wonderful meal (last night) a book titled, " Wake Up Laughing" from another friend.....the first chapter was about a girl name 'Tammy', (which she wasn't even aware of...BTW) is hilarious!  

There is still a 2 ton elephant sitting on my chest....I'll be glad when he decides to vacate the premises.  I go to the doctor next Monday for a post-op check and hopefully removal of my drains as well as some 'good news.'  I love getting daily text/photos of my little Isaiah, and sweet phone conversations from my 3 adorable grand kids in Joplin. My days are good.....I am very blessed.



  1. I am so blessed to have you as my aunt. You are such an amazing and strong human being and I look up to you for that. Uncle Dave is are beautiful. Love you Aunt Tammy. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. It's great to hear you are surrounded with love and care. xoxo