Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Draw near to Me with a grateful heart, and My Presence will fill you with Joy and Peace." 


And they're out!!!!!   The drains, that is.  We are celebrating the removal of the two drains that have been attached to my sides and they are now GONE!  I am very thankful that they did their job of....'draining'.....but, we have no hard feelings of departing our ways with each other!

My healing is going well, and I'm gaining strength each day.  We've had our Sons and their families visit us...which has been great medicine for healing (for all of us!)   Our 3 oldest grand kids were informed by their parents of my surgery and situation....they have been very up front and honest with them.  They've been talking about it at home and preparing them as much as possible for the day they see me for the first time- post surgery.  They were cautious, and a little apprehensive at first....but after a few short minutes they were energetic, lively and full of joyful noise!  They've continued to give precious gentle hugs and fill me in on the latest details of their world.  They have seen with their own eyes, confirmation that I'm still 'Nana' and that I'm ok, and nothing is really all that different.  Paige actually said to me, "Nana, your chest looks like mine!"  Yep....she's right about that one! They seemed to have forgotten the whole thing at this point, and have gone on with 'normal'.   It's been real good having them around these past few days indeed...really good for them too, which is answered prayer!   I continue to get adorable photos and videos from our sweet boy Isaiah (who lives in St. Louis) and they surprised us with a short visit recently while they were in town for a wedding.  They walked right in our front door.....what a wonderful surprise that was....smiles, and lots of kissing on his sweet little face!  My mother is visiting with us for a while, and I'm looking forward to our time together.  She truly is a big help and I'm so thankful for my mom and her heart that reflects the love of Christ. Dave is back at the office this week......to rest.

My doctor's appt. went well yesterday.....healing is going well and the doctor said she was pleased with the surgery.  She removed all the cancer and lymph nodes were clear.  She did tell us that my left breast was full of cancerous cells that had not formed tumors yet, and were 'brewing an ugly mess.' She said we were fortunate to find this tumor and take care of things before prognosis would have been worse.  She agreed with a panel of physicians that I should see an oncologist to pursue chemotherapy treatment.  They are doing a new test that is now available, that involves the cancerous cells and tumor that were removed in surgery, to see if this cancer could come back again or not.  This will dictate what kind of chemo I will most likely need.  So......PRAISE GOD for this tumor.....  It may have saved my life!  I meet with the oncologist this Thursday, but will most likely not know what chemo will be used until the pathology tests come back in 2 weeks. 

I want to again say thank you to all who have sent so many cards of well wishes, gifts, messages, flowers, food, and prayers our way......YOU ALL ARE SO LOVED!

God continues to carry me through....He continues to be present in every detail of my life....and I am so very thankful for his healing- physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I am once again reminded that a life of praise and thankfulness becomes a life filled with obvious miracles. 


                                                 My little buddy, Maddox
                         Surprise visit from Justin, Crystal and Isaiah
                                                  Our sweet boy Isaiah
                                            A pedicure from Paige and Alexis!
                                               Pretty Paige applying lotion
                                                          Pretty toes!
                                                    Zion and Nana

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  1. Awe what a precious gift to have those sweet grandbabies to love on! I am glad you have been surrounded by family in so many ways. We are praying for you daily and missing you very much! When you get more strength the ladies LG you led would love to bring over some yummy food and visit with you, watch a movie, whatever you want whenever you are up for us!