Thursday, June 21, 2012


"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.  My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."           ~Selah~

Psalm 28: 7-8

Dr. Arora is my NEW BFF!!  Went to see my Oncologist today.....and received GREAT NEWS!!  It is confirmed that I will NOT have to have chemotherapy!  My 'oncon type' test which is given a score on a scale of 0-100, was a 10!  Meaning it is on the low end....and  translates to no chemo! 

My CT scan did show several pulmonary nodules in my left lung.  Dr. Arora is not concerned at all about this finding.  He explained that they are very small in size (too small to even biopsy) and are common in most people who have ever had inflammation, infection, or just breathing here in the mid-west.... could also be residual scar tissue from past radiation.  He will monitor and will follow up in one year with another scan to see if any changes. Just need to begin a regime of a hormone blocker daily pill and some calcium supplements and I'm in the clear!!!

Thank you to my Father up above for answering our prayers and carrying us through this! I am so very thankful that he gave us this opportunity to teach us and remind us of His promises and His goodness.  I have been reminded that He is my strength and a fortress of salvation. That He is always alert and active.  His presence watches over us continually, protecting us from both known and unknown dangers.  My heart leaps for joy and I will daily give him thanks!  My vision is different....I'm looking at life through very different lenses.  I am truly grateful for the people that He has put in our remind me of His Son Jesus....who I saw every single day in so many of you.  Thank you for being His hands and feet.  

Ding...ding...fight's over....K.O..BABY!!!


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  1. Whoooooohooooo!!!! I'm so excited for you and so in love with God Almighty right now that we are seeing and experiencing the incredible, miraculous work of His Hand...a "best case scenario" report when the possibilities could have been so discouraging. Yeah God!