Monday, June 11, 2012

 "Trust in Him at all times, O People;   pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge."  Psalm 62: 8       

Enjoyed my Mother being here for a short time, we hated to see her go back to Indy so soon.  She has a gift of 'serving' and 'caring' for others....even though I'm 50 years old, she still takes good care of her little girl.  It truly was great to have my momma around.....We ventured out some, the best was our pedicure!  The pictures below show her priceless face as she laughed during the scrubbing of her feet....that are very ticklish....that was entertaining!  Love and miss you already momma....hope to see you again soon!

I continue to heal and I'm getting out and about a little more.  I'm still not able to drive, being the controlling person that I am, I LOVE to be the driver, and it is killing me to being the passenger all the time!  Dave is loving that one....he just looks over at me and gives me his cute little grin. God is really stretching me and teaching me a lot through the smallest of things! Car rides are still 'challenging', who would have thought of all the muscles used when riding in a car?  Little bumps, jolts, turns, etc...tend to remind me that I'm still in the healing process.   I still get out and walk...I'm not ready for a walking 5k just yet, but I do go to the end of our court and back.  I'm a little 'stir-crazy' ready to get back to work or at least back to some sort of a 'normal' routine.  I'm learning a LOT about patience and just abiding ('settle-in') with HIM!

HUGS....well, lets just say they don't get enough credit in life.   We take hugging for granted. Those who claim they are 'not huggers', I'm convinced beyond a shadow of doubt, that hugs are truly a gift from God. We must not miss out on that little gift in life.  Let me encourage all of you to hug the daylights out of those of whom you 'hug.'  I miss those tight hugs, and I look forward to 'embracing' them again one day.  I know for a fact that I'm better off without my breasts.... than without arms to hug!

I have a CT scan this Friday, to make sure there are no cancerous tumors anywhere else around my organs.  Then, I see my surgeon next Monday for another follow-up, and my oncologist next Thursday to talk about the last piece of the puzzle...the conclusion of all pathology results.  This is where I will learn the direction of recommended treatment involving chemotherapy....or not.  My Oncologist (cancer doc.) is awesome, he doesn't mess around.  He sat and talked with Dave and I for quite sometime.  He is compassionate, but doesn't 'sugar-coat' anything.  That's what I like.

My prayer is that I will not have to have any chemo at all....or at least just the 'mild' pill form to take at home.  Or....that if I do have to have the 'strong' stuff, that I can press forward and endure.  I believe that HE is ABLE, and will not give us anything we cannot handle, and that HE will continue to carry US through! 

God has designed us to need Him moment by moment each day.  My desire is that as I am focused on the awareness of my increasing neediness, that I also remember that His abundant sufficiency also increases.  May I not depend on self-sufficiency, but depend only on Him and receive His PERFECT PEACE with a very thankful heart.  And that, is what I strive to do each and every day.


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  1. Glad you had a great time. Think of you often..and continued prayers for healing. I love you my friend. Hope to see you soon. Angie